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Mar 18, 2019

Scitegrity is looking for a Web Developer to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity for a web developer to join a small close-knit team developing and deploying cutting edge solutions to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  28 days holiday, flexible hours and home-work options, £25,000-£35,000pa depending on experience.

Nov 29, 2018

Drug to treat Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) in adults approved. Drug Abuse Potential assessments supported by Scitegrity


Oct 2, 2018

New Controlled Substances Check Webservice launched

Oct 2, 2018

Scitegrity will be attending and presenting at the 2018 BioVia Community day in Brussels

Feb 7, 2018

US Controlled Substances Act further embraces chemical space based controls in addition to named substances

Jan 31, 2018

The aim is to help controlled substance compliance experts from around the world connect

Jan 4, 2018

Scitegrity launches new Drug Abuse Potential assessment service

Oct 31, 2017

Version 3 of Controlled substance Squared released, further enhancing performance and functionality

Mar 22, 2017

Due to the success of CS2 we are expanding our team and are currently looking to fill a chemistry / chemo-informatics role. This job is ideally suited to an experienced chemist looking to expand there knowledge in information technology, or someone who is already established as chemistry data manager or chemo-informatician

Oct 19, 2016

Our recent webinar: Ensure Controlled Substance Compliance for Chemical and Pharma Companies with BIOVIA is now available on demand! 

Jun 1, 2016

Due to the success of CS2 we are expanding our team and are currently looking to fill a chemistry / chemo-informatics role. This job is ideally suited to an experienced chemist looking to expand there knowledge in information technology, or someone who is already established as chemistry data manager or chemo-informatician


Apr 25, 2016

This report from Pharma IQ identifies global controlled substance compliance and sample logistics when collaborating with external partners as 2 of the leading challenges for sample management groups.


Apr 21, 2016

Scitegrity’s Ian Johns recently gave a well-received presentation on controlled substance laws and compliance at SLAS’s Compound Management in Industry and Academia conference in Berlin.

Apr 10, 2016

Roman Affentranger, Head or Small Molecule Discovery Workflows, Roche recently presented on their work on controlled substance compliance and collaboration restriction compliance at Bio-IT world.

“Following up on the pre-work done by the Pistoia Alliance, we implemented a comprehensive solution managing our extensive set of liability flags for compounds including e.g. narcotic substances.”

Jun 1, 2015
Scitegrity's Joe Bradley and AstraZenecas Plamen Petrov discuss Controlled Substance Compliance and Controlled Substances Squared implementation at AstraZeneca at the 2015 BioVia User group meeting.
Jan 29, 2015
Scitegrity today launches a new standalone legislation alerting service giving updates to legislation relating to Controlled Substances in over 20 countries.
Jan 26, 2015

Scitegrity today announced the launch of its new service to audit compound libraries for controlled substances. This new service automatically alerts chemistry vendors when substances they supply maybe considered controlled.

Scitegrity director Joe Bradley commented "Legislation compliance can often be an onerous and time consuming task, especially with controlled drug laws constantly being updated. With this new cloud based service vendors will receive a monthly alert listing all the substances the laws of over 15 different countries consider as controlled. Best of all no integrations are required. You simply submit an SMI or SDF file to Scitegrity containing all your currently commercially available compounds and Scitegrity do the rest"

Any controlled substance hits are returned in a computer readable format giving full details of how and where something si controlled, including links to relevant legislation.

All results are generated from our industry validated Controlled Substances Squared platform. As this works at the structural level rather than name, CAS number of similar, it ensures a high degree of compliance even against the toughest legislative requirements.


Jan 15, 2015

UK Government considers controlling drugs by biological effect in addition to chemical structure

The UK government recently published a report looking into the effectiveness and issues of the UK’s Misuse of Drugs act and the challenges that “Legal Highs” pose.

Among one of the recommendation was to consider controlling drugs by biological effect in addition to chemical structure. Here at Scitegrity we are already working on methods to ensure Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) is able to ensure your compliance to this new approach if enacted, which other countries are also considering. Click for more information


Jan 9, 2015

On 7th of January the Misuse of Drugs act was updated to greatly extend the chemical  space definition of Tryptamines under the generic structure rules; in addition several named chemicals were also controlled. These changes have been incorporated in Controlled Substances Squared to ensure continued compliance. Click here for more information on Controlled Substances Squared.

For those interested the updated generic structure rule now reads….

“For paragraph 1(b) of Part 1, substitute—

Jun 18, 2014

Scitegrity has found that national and international drug law wording does not always mean what it says.  Recently the the UN INCB has confirmed to us an error in an international drug control act, inacted globally and provided clarification on what it really means.

Click to find out more....and how you can determine the controlled status of millions of substances easily...

Mar 25, 2014

Scitegrity is delighted to announce the launch of Controlled Substances Squared (CS2), developed as part of a joint project between the Pistoia Alliance and several major Pharma companies including AstraZeneca, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis and Roche. Please click the article title for more information.

Mar 11, 2014

Scitegrity is delighted to announce that they have successfully passed user acceptance testing with the Pistoia Alliance for our novel Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) system. Completion triggers a final stage payment recognising the system has exceeded the challenging goals set by Pistoia on behalf of the wider Pharmaceutical industry. Please click the article title for more information.

Sep 10, 2013

Scitegrity is pleased to announce a collaboration with Pistoia, GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Roche and several other companies to develop a system to detect and advice on controlled substances within large corporate compound collections. Please click the article name for more information.

Sep 6, 2013

Scitegrity recently exhibited at Drug Discovery 2013 in Manchester, Europe’s premier conference for Drug discovery and Screening. This was a great conference for us with lots of interest and excitement in our 2 flagship products QseeCentralTM and Controlled Substance Squared (CS2 TM).

Scitegrity director Joe Bradley was also invited to pitch to a team of industry ‘dragons’ during a ‘Dragons Den’-style event for innovative new technologies at the conference drinks reception. For more information, please e-mail

Aug 1, 2013
Scitegrity are delighted to announce that Drew Gibson has joined Scitegrity from Pfizer as a Chemo-Informatician working on Controlled Substances Squared (CS2 TM), a novel system for detecting controlled substances with large chemical collections. Drew brings a wealth of experience in analytical chemistry and chemo informatics to the team at Scitegrity.
Jul 18, 2013

Both the chemo-informatician and chemistry summer student vacancies at Scitegrity have now been filled. We welcome the new additions to our Team and to our new office.

Jul 2, 2013

Scitegrity are pleased to announce that we have relocated to a bigger office space. Our new offices are located within Discovery Park itself and hence, our contact details remain the same.

This move reflects the expansion that the company is currently undergoing and we look forward to scaling new heights in the future with a stronger workforce of scientists and developers.

May 28, 2013
We are currently recruiting for a chemo-informatician and also a chemistry summer student. Please see our Employment section for more details
Apr 28, 2013

Scitegrity Director Joe Bradley recently published a paper in conjunction with authors from institutions including Pfizer,The University of Greenwich and Imperial College London on “Plate-based diversity subset screening: an efficient paradigm for high throughput screening of a large screening file” in Molecular Diversity: Volume 17, Issue 2 (2013), Page 319-335. A copy of the article is available here. For more details contact

Aug 6, 2012
Scitegrity Director Joe Bradley will be chairing a 2 day session on the IT challenges of outsourcing screening and integrated Drug Discovery programs at Drug Discovery 2012 (5th and 6th September). This will be an exciting interactive session featuring leading decision makers and experts from both CROs and Pharma. See for the conference and session program.
May 2, 2012
Scitegrity joins a consortium of Biotech companies bidding to host a 50 million Euro screening centre at Discovery Park in Kent. The centre would provide a world class integrated screening facility, compound file and chemistry hit expansion facility for use Biotech, Pharma and Academia. The centre will be funded by the Innovative Medicine Initiative.Scitegrity would implement and run all aspects on the Bio and Chemo informatics of the centre as well as bringing decades of experience in the field of HTS/SAR screening and file management. See for further details.
Mar 15, 2012

Scitegrity have recently recruited a software developer: Ajit Pratap Singh to work full-time on developing custom IT solutions for our clients as we strive to further expand our software services portfolio.

Ajit brings his software development, web design and database management expertise in multiple technologies and programming languages including Java, Oracle, SQL, HTML, VBA and Ruby on Rails to assist Scitegrity in developing innovative solutions for our wide range of clients.

Jan 10, 2012

Scitegrity and Accelrys are pleased to announce that Scitegrity have joined the Accelrys ISV Partner programme.

This allows Scitegrity to utilise its deep knowledge of Drug Discovery to build and deploy solutions based on Accelrys’s industry leading technology platforms such as Pipeline Pilot and Direct Chemistry Cartridge.

Sep 29, 2011

Scitegrity have agreed to rent office space at the newly created Discovery Park at the Sandwich Enterprise Zone. We are excited about the opportunty to work in a dynamic enviroment with many small innovative research companies. For more details contact

Sep 2, 2011

After months of careful planning Scitegrity was formally launched on the 2nd September 2011. Scitegrity is a unique Scientific and Business IT support services company, combining the talents of highly skilled IT and scientific experts.

Crucially we have decades of experience covering the entire breadth of Pharmaceutical R&D. Being experienced scientists, data managers and skilled IT professionals, we speak science and IT. Our expertise in scientific data management combined with our hands on experience in lab based research allows us to offer a service that understands the language of research and exceeds your IT needs. Please contact for more information.


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