Legislation Alerts

Legislation relating to controlled substances, especially controlled drugs, is constantly changing as governments around the world try to keep ahead of emerging designer drugs.

This poses challenges for chemical, pharmaceutical, forensics and related industries who have to maintain compliance with the legislation, often across many countries.

Scitegrity's experts have built a large database of controlled drug legislation from around the world. Access to this is available via a low cost subscription, which includes alerts to legislation updates for 1 year.

Please contact us for more information. If you need to apply the legislation requirements to large chemical libraries you may be interested in Controlled Substances Squared, our novel and powerful system that can automatically determines the controlled status of millions of compounds structurally, with full context on why and how they are controlled - in over 20 countries!. Available as both on premises and cloud based.

Countries currently covered by our legislation alerts can be found here

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