Controlled Substance Compliance Audits

Are you a chemical supplier? We understand you are busy and even with the best of intentions it can be difficult to keep on top of controlled substance compliance. So why not let Scitegrity do the hard work for you?

Upload an SDF file or lists of INCHI / SMILES strings of your compounds to our servers and we will automatically check it for controlled substances based on the most current legislation. The IDs of any controlled substances are mailed to you. This work can be carried out under a full Non Disclosure Agreement if required.


The advantages:-

· You don't need to do anything - Scitegrity will alert you if your substances are controlled.

· Compounds are checked structurally against the legislation using Controlled Substances Squared - CAS numbers, etc. are not required.

· We update our system fortnightly with the latest legislation updates.

· You receive back details of why it is controlled (e.g an ester of x, which is controlled; highly similar to Y, where Y also controls "similar compounds'; hits a generic structure rule for phenthylamines).

· You also receive links to the relevant piece of legislation and details of the type of controls that apply, e.g US Schedule 1, UK Class A etc.

· Choose to receive monthly re scans for 1 year for a small extra fee - to keep you compliant with changing legislation

· Update your SDF file as often as you like with monthly re scans.


Not sure if you have controlled substances and if you actually need our full checks? 

For a small fee we will produce a report detailing the number of controlled substances you have in each jurisdiction and what Schedule they are in. You won't know what each substance is, but it will allow you to judge whether the you require our full service. 

Please contact us with the number of compounds you have and the countries you want covered have for pricing options.


If you do not wish to upload a file with your compounds to our server, check out our Enterprise Edition. With this Controlled Substances Squared is installed on your companies own servers. Your compound structures never leave your servers and are completely protected behind your firewall.

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