Controlled Substances Squared

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies routinely work with large chemical libraries and inventories. It is important they ensure they meet with national legislation related to the safe storage, production, possession and import/export regulations relating to these, along with having adequate controls in place to meet the rapidly changing legislative requirements in the countries in which they operate.

For these companies, who actively try to design pharmacologically active compounds the relevant corresponding regulations are those related to Controlled Substances.

This legislation is becoming increasingly complex and changes frequently as legislators try to keep up with emerging “legal highs” and tighten environmental laws.  Meanwhile externalization of R&D means that compounds are synthesized, stored and transported across a multiplicity of geographies.

To address this Scitegrity, in conjunction with a number of Pharmaceutical companies developed Controlled Substances Squared (CS2), capable of ensuring compliance across multiple countries for large chemical collections.


Below is a short 3 minute video giving an overview of Controlled Substances Squared.


You can download more information on CS2 or check out a poster discussing controlled substance laws from around the world. For a free Trial of our Cloud based CS2 Hosted, please click the link below or contact us


Features include:-

>  Choose from our Enterprise or Hosted Plans. Enterprise sits behind your firewall for complete security, while our hosted version offers per user instant access with no software to install. You can also choose to access Hosted via Webservices to automate your checks. Or if you prefer you can send us your structures under NDA and we'll check them for you and report back controlled substances.

>  Searches are based on structure rather than words / CAS number etc - upload or draw your compounds structure to check.

>  Fast - scan collections of millions of compounds quickly to identify controlled substances. Automatic overnight scans check newly made substances and legislation amendments.

>  Flexible - search by structure, names and synonyms giving in legislation and more. Setup ‘favourites’ to speed searches. Schedule automatic overnight checks of your chemical collection(s) which allow people to search on and use your own internal chemical IDs.

>  Comprehensive - select the countries the compounds will be stored in or shipped to.  20+ core countries covered with more that can be added rapidly, click here of a full list.

>  Robust -searches extend to markushes, isomers, salts, esters, ethers, etc. (where applicable) to ensure total compliance.

>  Up-to date - legislation changes are automatically picked up by the system, with optional alerts for user of changes. Copies of the legislation along with additional guidance can be accessed with a single click.

>  Customisable – add your own additional substances, restrictions, guidance, documents and chemical rules. Generate summary pdf reports from searches.

>  Web based - built on Pipeline Pilot™ - industry leading technology from BioVia™

>  Easy integration with internal systems - SOAP and REST webservices, Pipeline Pilot components and Oracle views. Scan compounds before you even make them or automatically scan every compound shipped or purchased.

>  CisPro plugin allows for easy out of the box integration. CS2 has also been integrated with many other LIMs, ELNs, Sample Management systems


For more information and a demo please e-mail us.

Below is a short 3 minute video giving an overview of Controlled Substances Squared.


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