Company Internal Controls

Companies often find they need to add their own type of controls, for example compounds that can only be used by a particular project e.g. "Collaboration Controls" or chemical classes that cannot be used due to safety concerns.

The danger is that over the years knowledge is lost as to if / why something has been restricted and whether the restriction has expired. The creators of Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) having experienced this pain themselves over the years, decided to remove it for others by extending CS2 to solve this problem in a simple, flexible easy to administer system

Although it can be done simply by providing lists of compounds, we feel this is error prone, high maintenance and prone to failure with staff changes. Therefore in CS2 we provide much more complete and powerful methods to achieve this which include...


> Upload or link to your own internal documentation explaining why something is controlled, for example a contract, project share or sharepoint site. This is then easily accessed when someone searches a compound covered by that control.

> Set an expiration date for time bound restrictions

> Create and save queries that can be parameterised e.g "Get all new compounds associated with Project xyz" where xyz is a variable. Admins can then select these pre written queries, enter the relevant project code and schedule it to run nightly to update the list of substances that should be considered controlled for that project. These queries can also be chemical in nature, e.g all substances with a defined chemical substructure or features.

> Manually upload lists of substances that should be considered controlled

> Create Markush queries to define chemical space to consider controlled

> Use exact structures or structural similarity to a defined structure to define controls

Please contact us for more information on Internal and Collbaroation controls within CS2

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