Controlled Substances Squared is our market leading solution for controlled substance detection and compliance that is trusted and used by organisations globally - from Pharmaceutical companies to forensics companies and legislators. A few of our clients include AstraZeneca, LGC, Roche, GSK, Merck, UCB and the UK Government among others.




We also supply Drug Discovery consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry, with many happy testimonial customers.

When working in a field as specialised as scientific research it is imperative that those delivering data solutions understand the needs of the scientist, what the data means, how to process it and what the legislative requirements are. Scitegrity solutions and support services are provided by individuals who combine many years of hands-on lab experience with expertise in scientific data, legislation and IT systems.

Some of our customer feedback:-


"We implemented CS2 in our workflow about 2 years ago. The software checks compounds upon registration from our chemists internally and externally. Each compound is then treated accordingly by our compound management staff. This software has had a great impact in helping us monitoring our controlled substances across multiple jurisdictions, which was for us a difficult process in the past." - Director Research Informatics & Operations, LundBeck


 “We have utilized Scitegrity’s CS2 solution for several years now as our enterprise-wide mechanism for identifying controlled substances.  Scitegrity’s staff continually display outstanding customer focus in working with us for integrations with internal applications, answering questions about functionality, and anything else that comes up-all in a timely fashion. Their expertise in the regulations has also been invaluable, as they provide alerts to regulatory changes and are available to answer specific queries that arise internally from scientists or management. I have been very pleased with the decision to work with Scitegrity and would endorse them, and their products, to others.”  - Controlled Chemicals Lead, Big 10 Pharma Company.


“Boehringer Ingelheim use Scitegrity’s Controlled Substances Squared system to provide controlled substance compliance at all stages of R&D operation. The weekly legislation updates that are automatically checked against the compound collections ensure permanent compliance with the latest laws, while its integration with synthesis and procurement systems ensure all new compounds are checked.” - Head of Compound Management, Boehringer Ingelheim


“As part of Catalyst efforts to develop a new CNS drug, Scitegrity performed a quantitative chemical similarity test between our drug an all schedule I through V controlled substances.  In a macatalyst-pharma-logotter of weeks, Scitegrity completed this work and prepared a report suitable for NDA submission and review by the FDA’s controlled substances staff.  In addition, the speed and high quality, it was conducted with minimal oversight and interaction with Scitegrity.  It is nice to have a contractor that just gets things done right and leaves one less thing to worry about during the drug development process.” - Steven Miller, Chief Scientific Officer, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals


“Scitegrity supplied a well experienced, highly motivated and professional consultant who we utilised to roll out a high profile Screening analysis project globally across our organisation. This work was delivered diligently, on budget and against an extremely aggressive delivery timelines. As the recruiting manager accountable for the project I could not have asked for a better individual and the professionalism shown was respected by all. Many thanks to Scitegrity for assisting us and I look forward to working with them again.” – Kevin Teburi, Associate Director R&D Information, Top 10 pharma company.


‘We asked Scitegrity to build a simple to use software solution to run our compound auto purification system. This solution included compound property calculations, generation of instrument control files for analytical equipment and liquid handling robots, end-to-end workflow management, results storage and reporting. Scitegrity rapidly prototyped and
developed a system on time and on budget, demonstrating considerable expertise
in the areas of software development and crucially the science underlying the processes.
We would recommend working with Scitegrity - a company that produces excellent
results because it combines an understanding of science, IT, business processes
and data management’. Matt Tozer, Director of Medicinal Chemistry Services, Peakdale Molecular


“Scitegrity were a real asset to Sigma while delivering a key project to one of our critical clients.  The feedback from our client on Scitegrity’s performance was consistently excellent and if another opportunity arose to work with then we would have absolutely no hesitation in bringing Scitegrity on-board.  They demonstrated a knowledge and passion coupled with hard work that delivered the project early and with a reduced budget.” Steve Tomkin, Sigma Consulting

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