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Scitegrity was formed on the ethos that 'poachers make the best game keepers'. When working in a field as specialised as scientific research it is imperative that those delivering data solutions understand the needs of the scientist, what the data means and how to process it. Scitegrity solutions and support services are provided by individuals who combine many years of hands on lab experience with expertise in scientific data and IT systems.

Scitegrity's founding directors are Ian Johns and Joe Bradley


I spent 15 years at Roche, 8 as a hands-on synthetic chemist and 7 in a combined information science/data management role. In 2001 I joined Pfizer, where I've held senior management roles in the chemistry and scientific support departments, with responsibility for controlled substance compliance on large compound libraries. My areas of expertise include Controlled Substances laws, chemical registration, searching and inventory management, ELNs, collaboration / outsourcing data management and the support of scientists on scientific applications and processes. 



A biochemist with a decade of experience in screening as a team leader in Pfizer’s HTS group.  From there I moved into scientific data management across most disciplines within research. I have many years of experience in implementing controlled drug legislation from around the world, extensive experience in CRO / client data interfacing, scientific data access and analysis, leading global IT projects within R&D environments, Pipeline Pilot and Oracle development. I was an ELRIG general committee member (www.elrig.org) for many years and have a Black Belt in Lean6Sigma. 




Phil Cochrane, CS2 Developer. Phil is former Principle Solutions Architect with Accelrys (now BioVia), with a PhD is Organic chemistry and a deep understanding of pipeline pilot, Java and SQL.

Emma McMorrow, Legislation Researcher. Emma is an experienced researcher who coordinates legislation research and monitors legislation globally for updates.

Maura Mooney, CS2 Chemo-informatician and Developer. Maura holds a PhD in Computational Medicinal Chemistry and works to encode legislation into CS2, support and develop CS2 and Drug Abuse Potential Reports.

Adam Islip, CS2 Chemo-informatician and Developer. Adam holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and works to encode legislation into CS2, support and develop CS2.


Controlled Substances Squared is built on Pipeline Pilot and Chemistry Direct from BioVia - Scitegrity is proud to be an approved partner of BioVia.

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