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Oct 31, 2017

Version 3 of Controlled substance Squared released

Version 3 of Controlled substance Squared released, further enhancing performance and functionality

Scitegrity is proud to announce the release of version 3 of its industry leading Controlled Substances Squared application for controlled drug compliance.

Some of the headline new features include:-

  • Search is now approximately 3 times faster when processing large chemical collections.
  • You can now manually upload Lists of IDs to consider as controlled, or edit any lists that are automatically generated each night.
  • A new interface to setup and manage scheduled jobs has been created
  • Pipette Sketch replaces Jdraw as the chemistry sketcher (although Jdraw is still available)
  • The ability to include your own help text in all major aspects of CS2 via the help tab.
  • The ability to override the controlled status determinations based purely on CorporateID.
  • The ability to define your own list of solvates or salts to ignore when they are in a mixture. For example, when you register compounds with the solvent included as a mixture, and that solvent should be ignored when determining the controlled status.

For more information on V3 please mail

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