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Mar 25, 2014

Controlled Substances Squared Launched

Scitegrity is delighted to announce the launch of Controlled Substances Squared (CS2), developed as part of a joint project between the Pistoia Alliance and several major Pharma companies including AstraZeneca, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis and Roche. Please click the article title for more information.

CS2 successfully addresses a major regulatory compliance challenge encountered by all Pharma companies – how to ensure large corporate compound collections, often millions of substances in size, do not contravene the complex controlled drug laws. With companies increasingly working and shipping to multiple countries, each with different national laws this has become an increasingly difficult problem.

Built on industry leading technology from Accelrys, CS2 is able to automatically scan large corporate collections and identify controlled substances from a variety of countries including:- UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, France, Germany and many others. Each hit is given full contextual information both relating to chemically why it’s controlled and information on the legislation. Administrators within companies can also upload their own instructions, SOPs and documentation to legislation allowing for more company contextual information.

In addition to automatic overnight scans, a simple but powerful web based interface allows users to search and check lists of substances on demand, again with full contextual information on hits.

Weekly data updates issued by Scitegrity and automatically applied to the system ensure up to date compliance. A company controlled substance administrator can also apply legislation over-rides to go above and beyond the law or adjust context sensitive hit results as required at the substance-legislation at level.

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